Fate of Nations: Symposium on the history of extractive industries and African development

2-3 February, 2018 | Yiri Lodge, Accra, Ghana

February 2, 2018

09:00 "Natural Resources and historical development"
Hans Otto Frøland (Professor, NTNU)

09:30 "Political Regulation of Natural Resources. An Introduction"
Pål Thonstad Sandvik (Professor, NTNU)

10:00 "Political economy of resource nationalism (1888-1939). Lessons from Scandinavia."
Andreas R.D. Sanders (PhD researcher, European University Institute)

11:00 "Regulating the Copperbelt. Government-business relations and taxation in Northern Rhodesia."
Ingeborg Guldal (PhD researcher, NTNU)

11:30 "Crafting the Copper Spoon: Creating and capturing value chains in Zambia's copper industry"
Duncan Money (Post.doc., University of the free State)

13:00 "Curses and Colonialism: Historical Perspectives on the Evolution of Resource Regulation and Development in the Former French West Africa from 1950 to the 1990s"
Robin Gendron (Associate Professor, Nipissing university)

13:30 "Continuities and Transformations in Indigenous Mining in Ghana: A Political Problem Requiring Political Solutions?"
Ofosu-Mensah Ababio Emmanuel (Head of Department, University of Ghana)

14:30 "Colonial legacies and oil resource regulation in Nigeria, 1960-1974"
John Kwadwo Osei-Tutu and Jon Olav Hove (Associate Professors, NTNU)

15:00 "Oil, Revenue Allocation and Public Accountability in Nigeria"
Chibuike Uche (Professor, Leiden University)

February 3, 2018

09:00 "Actors, Arenas and Arbiters: International institutions and natural resources"
Mats Ingulstad (Researcher, NTNU)

09:30 "Aid and Development: SYSMIN. A reappraisal"
Bjørn Bakke (PhD researcher, NTNU)

10:00 "Soviet Union and African resources in the UN (TBC)"
David Alenga (PhD researcher, NTNU)

11:00 "Long term growth in African economies: evidence and narratives"
Morten Jerven (Professor, Norwegian University of Life Sciences)

11:30 "The World Bank in Ghana, 1970-1985 - Structural adjustment and institutional voids"
Stephanie Decker (Professor, Aston Business School)

13:00 "Policy Formulation, Institutions, International Agency and Regime Building in Africa: Regional Environmental and Natural Resources Policy from the OAU to the AU"
Tshepo Gatiwa (Research fellow, Stellenbosch University)

13:30 "UNU-INRA's strategic and programmatic directions to address natural resources management challenges in Africa"
Elias Ayuk (Director, United Nations University, Institute for Natural Resources in Africa)

14:00 Discussion: regulation and development

15:00 The road ahead

Picture: Chlorination Works, Robinson Gold Mine Co. (1893)