Visiting Romania:  Europe’s forgotten oil exporter?


While history of Norway's oil experience has garnered much attention, both nationally and internationally, there is another European country whose fate was once closely tied to the much-maligned fossil fuel - namely Romania. Today, Romania produces less than 100 000 barrels per day, but in the 1930s Romania produced nearly 90% of European oil outside the Soviet Union and roughly 4% of the total world output. Unsurprisingly, it was a particular joy for the Fate of Nations group was invited to visit the University of Bucharest, as part of an EEA financed 20-MOB-0007 program on 9-15 October 2022. In addition to the opportunity of lecturing at the University of Bucharest, and visiting the National Museum of the Oil Industry, the visit also coincided with a meeting of the EMERALD group, a Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project where the University of Bucharest is also a partner.

Fotos: Ingrid Lønset Solemdal