Author’s workshop: A Global History of Copper

15-16, August 2019 | Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Venue: "Akrinn" (Sverresgate 12, Trondheim), conference room U 204

Thursday, August 15

09.30 - 9.45 Registration - Welcome

09.45 - 10.00 Welcome and introduction by the editors
Robrecht Declercq (Universiteit Gent)
Duncan Money (University of the Free State)
Hans-Otto Frøland (NTNU)

10.00 - 10.30 "Socio-Environmental Dynamics of Copper Production on the Central African Copperbelt 1950-2000."
Iva Pesa (University of Oxford)

10.30- 11.00 "A Canyon Condemned: Bingham Canyon, Kennecott Copper and the Global History of Community Relocation due to Copper Mining."
Brian Leech (Augustana College)

11.15 - 11.45 "Copper Borderlands and Settler Colonialism on the US-Mexico Border Region"
S Janne Lahti (University of Helsinki)

11.45 - 12.15 "Global and Local Interactions: The Great War, global trade, and community impacts in the Australian copper mining industry, 1910 to 1920"
Erik Eklund (Federation University Australia)

13.15 - 13.45 "Developmental State and Formation of the Modern Copper Mining Industry in Iran during the 1960-70s"
S. Abdolreza Alamdar-Bahini (University of Leiden)

13.45 - 14.15 "Zambia and Papua New Guinea 1965-1975. Coping with Copious Amounts of Copper"
Ingeborg Guldal (NTNU)
Frida Benda Jenssen (NTNU)

14.30 - 15.00 "From the master beam to the salary of Chile: the road to the nationalization of copper (1951-1981)"
Angel Soto (Universidad de los Andes)
Alejandro San Francisco (Universidad San Sebastián & Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile)

15.00 - 15.30 "Resource Nationalism and copper consuming countries"
Hans Otto Frøland (NTNU)

15.45 - 16.15 "Copper and EEC-Africa relations in the 1979s and the 2000s"
Johannes Knierzinger (Harvard University)

19.30 Conference dinner - TBA

Friday 16 August

09.30 - 10.00 "Behind Copper Prices. Methodologies and problems of the "international price of Copper'"
Marc Badia-Miro (University of Barcelona)

10.00- 10.30 "'Futures Markets as Trustbusters'. The Secrétan Copper Cartel and the London Metal"
Nathan Delaney (Ferrous Processing & Trading, co)

11.00 - 11.30 "The Central African Copper Bonanza: The City Finance and Imperialism, 1890-1914"
Timo Särkkä (University of Jyväskylä)

11.30. - 12.00 "Global Connections of Copper Mining Engineers"
Duncan Money (University of Free State)

13.00 - 13.30 "From Welsh to American 'copper moments'"
Jeremy Mouat (University of Alberta)

13.30 - 14.00 "Entrepreneurial and Business Networks and the making of Global Investment Regime in Copper (1900-1960)"
Robrecht Declercq (Universiteit Gent)

14.30 - 15.15 Closing remarks - The road ahead

Picture: Roșia Poieni open-pit copper mine, Cristian Bortes, CC BY 2.0