Fate of Nations

Research Group for the Global History and Political Economy of Natural Resources 

About Fate of Nations

Fate of Nations is a dynamic research group based at the Department of Historical Studies of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. The group comprises economic, international and business historians working on the historical and contemporary political economy of natural resources. The group cooperates internationally with researchers in the UK, Australia, Canada and elsewhere. Over the past 5 years, Fate of Nations researchers have published a large number of books and peer-reviewed articles on various natural resources, including bauxite, aluminium, tin and petroleum.  

β€œThe evolution of global-scale industrial organization affects not only the fortunes of firms and the structure of industries, but also how and why countries advance – or fail to advance – in the global economy.”

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Top image: Randfontein Mine, Johannesburg, copyright Paul Saad, licensed under Creative Commons, https://goo.gl/GmdBTs

Gary Gereffi, John Humprey and Timothy Sturgeon, "The governance of global value chains", Review of International Political Economy 12 (2005): 78-10. 

Bottom image: New Mexico Copper Mine, copyright Jan Buchholtz, licensed unde Creative Commons, https://goo.gl/w66JEq